BACFREE RaidAid Top-up Valve ø20mm Rainwater Harvesting System
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Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 37 cm x 12 cm
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The RainAid® Valve automatically switches water supply from rainwater to mains water in the event of rainwater demand exceeding rain supply.
Model: RaidAid Valve 20mm
Model code: RV20MM
Material Body: Medium Viscosity Polymer
Material String: Food-grade
Inlet(mm): ø20mm
Flow rate (L/Min): 60
Working pressure (PSI): 8 – 175
Country of origin: New Zealand
Features: - Back-up source from municipal water supply
               - Apply in rainwater tank and domestic water tank
               - Fully mechanical – no energy consumption
               - Variable adjustment of min. water level
               - Standard's approved for mains water connection
               - Maintains regulatory “air-gap” – separate rainwater from municipal water supply
               - Rainwater fills tank at the next rainfall


Rainwater harvesting systems allow us to achieve a sustainable future with a better environment. Collected and filtered rainwater can be safely used for e.g.:
1) Toilet Flushing & Urinals
2) Irrigation
3) Laundry Washing
4) Vehicle Washing & General Cleaning
5) Livestock Breeding & Farming
6) Industrial & Commercial Application

When Substituting municipal water with rainwater for non-potable usage the amount of municipal water used can decrease by UP TO 50% and by this, the water bill is reduced greatly with the usage of rainwater. Moreover, a rainwater harvesting system is a good form of water supply during water rationing or interruption of water supply. By harvesting rainwater, chances flash floor are reduced as rainwater run-off and thus the system can be formed as part of the rainwater management scheme.


Why using 4-Step Rainwater Harveting System?

The BACFREE WISY 4-Step Rainwater Harvesting System ensures that your rainwater is clean enough to store. By using the 4-step system you will:

  • Reduce the amount of particulates that enters the rainwater tank and as a result
  • Prolong the life of your pump and filtration equipment
  • Oxygenate the water to inhibit growth of anaerobic bacteria
  • Create a higher and better water quality for your system
  • Ensure a calmed inflow and distribution of the water without re-suspending sediments
  • Prevent formation of a surface barrier layer and therefore ensure optimum exchange of oxygen between air and water
  • Extract clean rainwater form the cleanest water layer
  • Eliminate the need to clean debris from your tank
  • Minimize system maintenance due to unique pre-filtration technique

Water Is Our Passion

  • We provide our customer with Innovative and Sustainable Water Solutions.
  • Continuously, we are adopting Industry Best Pratices to ensure Operational Excellence.
  • We improve the well-being of our employees through Continuous Talent Development.


  • Code: BB32, BB40 & BB50
  • Pressure range: 15kPa - 1,200kPa (2Psi - 175Psi)
  • Sizes: 32, 40 and 50mm long tail (1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2")
  • Flow rate: Very high flow rates


  • Valve must be installed horizontally
  • Do NOT install on an angle
  • Do NOT restrict inlet water flow
  • NOT to be modified
  • NOT to be used in dual purpose tanks used for storm-water detention
  • Overflow and air-gap to comply with local standards (air-gap of 55mm complies with AS/NZS 3500.1)
  • Do NOT restrict inlet water flow


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