BACFREE FS-P First Flush Rainwater Filter Collector Ø100mm Downpipe Rainwater Harvesting System
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Size (L x W x H) 37 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm
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Model: FS-P first flush rainwater filter collector
Model code: RS 4101
Material Body&Cover: Polyethylene (PE)
Material Mesh: SUS304 stainless steel
Dimension: ø100mm x 335mm(H)
Inlet(mm): ø100
Outlet(mm): ø50
Drain(mm): ø100
Efficiency Collection: ≥80%
Filtration mesh size: 0.28mm
Country of origin: Germany

Rainwater harvesting systems allow us to achieve a sustainable future with a better environment. Collected and filtered rainwater can be safely used for e.g.:
1) Toilet Flushing & Urinals
2) Irrigation
3) Laundry Washing
4) Vehicle Washing & General Cleaning
5) Livestock Breeding & Farming
6) Industrial & Commercial Application



  • Polyethylene (PE) construction – matches downpipe colour
  • Dual function – filter & first flush
  • For fitting into the vertical rainwater downpipe
  • For roof areas up to about 150m2
  • 0.28mm vertical filtration provides effective separation of collected rainwater from sediment, leaves, moss & insects
  • Max. flow rate - 6 l/s
  • Fine filtration prevents mosquito breeding
  • Maintains full cross section of downpipe – no obstruction of rainwater flow
  • Low maintenance – once every 4-6 months
  • Fully mechanical  - no energy consumption
  • Can be easily connected to round or other type of rainwater downpipe
  • Include customized DN50 outlet connection adaptor
  • Compliance with DIN EN 752, DIN EN 12056, DIN 1989

When Substituting municipal water with rainwater for non-potable usage the amount of municipal water used can decrease by UP TO 50% and by this, the water bill is reduced greatly with the usage of rainwater. Moreover, a rainwater harvesting system is a good form of water supply during water rationing or interruption of water supply. By harvesting rainwater, chances flash floor are reduced as rainwater run-off and thus the system can be formed as part of the rainwater management scheme.

Water Is Our Passion

  • We provide our customer with Innovative and Sustainable Water Solutions.

  • Continuously, we are adopting Industry Best Pratices to ensure Operational Excellence.

  • We improve the well-being of our employees through Continuous Talent Development.



  • The rain collector filters rainwater coming from the roof through the downpipe by the vertically palced stainless steel filter mesh with adhesion forces.

  • The rain collector body is made of PP plastic, with a UV stabilizaion suitable for tropical sunlight. The filter mesh is made of stainless steel.

  • Due to the unique construction (German patent no.3812136), the dirt particles contained in the rainwater (larger than 0.28mm) are rinsed directly into the drain with the remaining rainwater. More than 90% of the rainwater passing through the FS-P first flush filter collector is filtered and collected by the Gentle Gravity Filtering Technology.

  • The filter has an inlet diameter directly fitting for 110mm round downpipes. Smaller or square rainwater downpipes must be adapted to round downpipes of 110 diameter.

  • The BACFREE WISY FS-P First Flush Plastic Filter Collector is built accordingly to DIN and EN standards.

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